Discover a new way to fundraise

With our streamlined eFundraising program, you can easily raise funds for:

  • Yourself / Someone Else
  • Private Group / Business
  • Charitable Organization

We provide all the tools needed to create and manage your fundraiser without any hassles. 

Simply create a FREE account and rally support from your community. Ziggby will contribute up to 10% of the item's price to your cause from every sale generated by your supporters.


How to Start a Fundraiser


1: Create Fundraiser Account

Create an account by completing the fundraiser registration form. 

2: Verify Information

Verify your contact information and confirm your profile details.

3: Create Fundraiser Page

Tell your story, set a goal, add photos/videos, post updates and much more directly on your page.

4: Start Fundraising

Share your fundraiser page via text, email and social media channels for supporters to shop for your cause.

5: Connect Bank Account

Connect your personal or business bank account using Stripe (our secure payments partner) in order to receive funds. 


Some real inspirations

  • “When the school stopped paying for our football uniforms, I needed a way to raise funds quickly.  Ziggby gave me everything I needed to create a fundraiser and be able to share it with everyone. I couldn't believe how quickly I was able to raise funds. Everyone loved that you actually get cool products.  I was very pleased with the results. ”

  • “Every year we look for new ways to fundraise for our corporate responsibility program to benefit a charity.  Using Ziggby was absolutely wonderful.  Our entire staff loved the concept.  The process was seamless.  The product selection is amazing.  We surpassed our goal in just a few days of starting the fundraiser.  We will definitely use again and again.”

  • “When I discovered Ziggby, I immediately fell in love with the concept.  The online shop has something for every one.  The fact that I can buy things I actually want and still support my favorite charity is really awesome.  Being able to pick up many items locally on the same day is a great bonus as well.  I highly recommend Ziggby for anyone looking to shop for a cause."

Launch your fundraiser and start earning today!

Give supporters a fun and rewarding fundraising experience as they support your cause.

How can I earn funds for my cause?

Ziggby contributes up to 10% of the item's price from every sale generated by your supporters.  The contribution amount will be displayed per item while shopping online. 

When are earnings paid out to my cause?

Earnings are paid out once a month for last month's contributions.  To account for any returns, there's a 30-day grace period from the time contributions are generated to when they are paid out.

Can you mail me a check for my earnings?

No, all contribution disbursements  are paid out using Stripe (our direct electronic payments partner).

Is there a cost to fundraise on Ziggby?

There are no costs for using Ziggby to start a fundraiser and no costs to supporters for participating in the fundraising programs.

Do you charge an administration fee or deduct from earnings?

No, you keep 100% of the funds you raise and we do not deduct any fees from your earnings.