Ziggby Charity Program

Ziggby contributes up to 10% to your cause from every sale generated by your supporters. 

Register for a charity account to start receiving contributions, get access to marketing tools, real-time analytics and much more.


How to Register for the Charity Program

You must be an authorized representative of a verified organization to register for the program, then follow these easy steps:

Search for your Charity

Search for your charitable organization by name, keyword, location or EIN. Make sure you have selected the right organization, since many charitable organization have similar names.

Register for a Charity Account

Complete the charity account registration form and accept the terms and conditions of the charity program agreement on behalf of your organization.

Verify Account Information

Verify your email address and confirm your profile details. We recommend using a work email address that's associated with your organization.

Connect Bank Account

Connect your charitable organization's bank account to Stripe (our secure payments partner) to receive contribution disbursements.

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About the Ziggby Charity Program

What is the Ziggby Charity Program?

It provides an effortless way for supporters to contribute to a charitable cause of their choosing while they shop the latest products from top brands.  Supporters may choose from over 1 million organizations to support.

How does the program work?

Upon first registering for an account, supporters are asked to choose from a wide range of over one million verified organizations as their preferred charity. To start browsing or shopping on Ziggby, supporters must make a selection first. Ziggby will contribute a percentage of the purchase value to the selected charity for all eligible transactions made through the Ziggby shop.

What is an authorized representative of an organization?

An authorized representative is someone that has permission to create and manage an account on behalf of their charitable organization.

If my organization is not registered, will supporters be able to select it?

Yes, as long as the data is available from Guidestar, supporters will be able to select it.  However, disbursements are only paid out to registered charity accounts. 

What happens if someone has already registered an account for my charity?

If you believe that an unauthorized individual has registered an account on behalf of your charity, please contact us immediately.

Can a check be mailed out directly to the organization?
No, all disbursements must be paid out using Stripe (our direct electronic payments partner).
Is there an associated cost to charities or supporters?

No, there is no cost to charitable organizations or to supporters.

Do you charge an administration fee or deduct from earnings?

No, there are no fees or deductions taken from the contribution earnings.

How did you obtain the information about my organization?
Ziggby obtains official charitable organization data from Guidestar.  To modify or update your organization's information, please update your profile at Guidestar.
How can my organization opt out of participating in this program?
Please contact us to request your charitable organization be removed from the program.
How can I contact someone about the Ziggby Charity Program
If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact us.


How can my organization receive contributions?

Contributions are paid out to registered charity organizations via electronics funds transfer.

When do the contribution earnings get disbursed?

Earnings are paid out once a month for last month's contributions.  To account for any returns, there's a 30-day grace period from the time contributions are generated to when they are paid out.

What is the minimum amount required to receive disbursements?

Contribution earnings must total a minimum of $50 in order to receive disbursements.

What happens if my organization does not register and connect a bank account?
Our support team will attempt to contact you and provide instructions on how to register your charity.  We will continue to track and store contribution data for your organization.  Once you register your charity account and connect your bank account, you'll become eligible to receive disbursements.
Which items are eligible for contributions?
All items on the Ziggby shop are eligible and are considered a qualifying purchase upon checkout.
What amount does Ziggby contribute from the purchase price?
Ziggby contributes up to 10% of the purchase price.  Note that this is the selling price, not including shipping, handling, taxes, and any service charges. 
Can I access data on the amount of contributions my organization has received?
Once you register your charity account, you'll have access to the contribution data from all available sources.

Marketing Tools

How do we share the program features with supporters to generate contributions?

Access your marketing tools directly from your account.  Share your charity or fundraiser page via text, email, social media, or direct link to connect with more supporters.

Are there any regulations regarding the promotion of the program by organizations?

Organizations may promote the program via the available marketing tools or other methods by following the Charity Program Content Regulations.  See the Charity Program Agreement for more details.


Will you share our organization's account information to outside parties?

No, we do not share or sell any account information to any third party.  Please visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

Will you disclose the amount of money that Ziggby has contributed to our organization?

We may occasionally disclose the amount we have given to a certain organization as a result of the program. 

Will you share the names of people who have chosen to support our organization?

Upon checkout, every supporters has the option to remain anonymous.  If selected, the name of the supporter will not be shared with the organization.